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Whether in the entertainment industry or in the hallways of the Fortune 500, our multifaceted organization prides itself on the talents exhibited in all forms by its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tendo Nabiki.

Since 1989 we have been involved in the television, music and movie industries.   More recently our focus has been in the realm of intelligence gathering.  Our division of intelligence operations has produced high quality results for our many satisfied clients.

 *** UCE/Spam Mail Notice ***

Due to the recent upswing in the distribution of unsolicited commercial email (aka UCE or Spam), the owners of nabiki.com have been forced to enact the following policy:

For every instance of UCE/Spam sent to any email address in the nabiki.com domain, the marketing business and/or manufacturer of product mentioned within the UCE/Spam will be billed no less than $450 (per email) to compensate for the use of bandwidth, storage space, server CPU cycles, email filtering and processing.

In the event that litigation and/or collection is necessary to obtain these funds, the costs of collection and all legal fees will be added to the balance due.

Submission of UCE/Spam to any email address in the nabiki.com domain constitutes both the acceptance of these terms by the marketing business and the manufacturer of the advertised product mentioned within the UCE/Spam AND a contractual obligation of the UCE/Spam sender and product manufacturer to pay the required fees.

This policy goes into effect on Thursday, August 21, 2003 19:45 EDT

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